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  • Welcome to Manangos V2!

    The revival of the fork of the fork of another fork!

    Forkception, at its best!

    This premier stone-fruit cryptocurrency is built on the Stellar Blockchain. Confidence is guaranteed with the convenience, interoperability, and {popular keyword} that Manangos provides! We are a humble offshoot of Ananos, which is an offshoot of Banano, which itself is a fork of Nano. We have memes of mangos, folate, and our proud inferiority.

    Just hang out and share your favourite memes with a fun community of like-minded fruit junkies.

    🥭Rich in Vitamin C and Folate.🥭

    Get Manangos V2!

    In order to get Manangos V2 you'll need a Stellar wallet. We recommend:

    which you can get on Android, iOS and in any browser.

    Please look at our full guide to Manangos V2.

    Once you have LOBSTR either add the asset directly or scan the QR code:

    We support Ukraine and condemn war. Push Russian government to act against war. Be brave, vocal and show your support to Ukraine. Follow the latest news HERE